Blackjack Card Counting Guide

Blackjack Myths, Facts, and Legends

Such intricate, entertaining, and insanely popular game as blackjack is bound to be accompanied by a number of various myths or made-up facts. Some of them are so silly that it makes a real wonder how adult people fall for them, others seem like there is a root of truth in them.

One of the most groundless blackjack myths is that there is a due for somebody to win. If you had a chance to play blackjack at real casino tables you probably have witnessed those guys, constantly saying – I am going to win now for sure, I lost a lot of bets in a row. This is a really silly assumption. In reality, bets aren’t dependant on previous ones and you can potentially lose every single bet, all hundred percent of them.

Another myth is about the whole objective of the game. If you ask ten random people, what is the main objective of the game, they will most likely tell you it is to get as close as possible to 21 points. This is also wrong, because you can only win in two situations: when the dealer gets more than 21 and you don’t, and when you get more than the dealer. You can get 20 and dealer will crush you with 21. Play free blackjack over the net or on your mobile device to see if this is true.

There is one legend that is considered to be true. In 1995, one homeless man decided to waste all his support check on gambling and he picked blackjack tables. Allegedly, he was a very bitter, very unfriendly man. But he turned out to be a lucky gambler. He turned his sad little check of $400 into one million. He apparently was a greedy man, too. Instead of stopping, cashing his chips, and start a much better life, he played until he almost lost everything. And this legend proves once again that a casino wins on the long run.