Blackjack Card Counting Guide

Is Card Counting Illegal? Why Casinos Act Like It

One of the most controversial topics around gambling establishments is the legality of counting cards. Casinos surely aren’t fond of it. Industry giants invest huge amount of money on technology and employee training for more effective detection of any acts of card counting on their floors. What will be done if it is actually detected? Top casino managers will accompany you out of their casino and if you managed to grab a nice, round sum of money before your were escorted out even blacklist you. Casinos have the right to remove and keep you away from their premises if they do not like your behavior (winning too much or too often counts as the behavior they don’t appreciate), however the question remains: is card counting illegal?

To date, there is no constitutional law that makes card counting a criminal or even an administrative offense, and it probably never will. But in 2009, Nevada gaming control outlawed any use of digital or other technology that can aid a person in counting cards. So in Las Vegas card counting is legal, as long as it is done mentally. Today, counting devices are illegal in the most casinos. Experts, also, add that counting mentally turns out to be more precise.