Blackjack Card Counting Guide

Online Blackjack Card Coutning

Every land-based casino strongly discourages any forms of card counting. The answer is very simple, even banal if you will – people who engage in counting card have great chances of winning a good deal of money. You make this practice open and casinos will go broke in a matter of months. Floor managers, as well as surveillance team members, are trained by various specialist how to detect the “evil” card counting tricks among casino visitors. It is mainly done by watching players’ behavior and expressions. And this has been done for a long time, so when casinos moved their businesses to virtual spaces, dealing with card counters turned out to be a really burning issue.

Casinos, nevertheless, successfully resolved this problem pretty soon – the online blackjack rules were slightly altered. According to the newly updated online rules, a certain percentage of cards that are dealt will go back to the deck to be distributed again, which makes online blackjack card counting nearly pointless. Some gamblers state that it still might help sometimes, but to a certain extent. If you got the words “might”, “extent” and “sometimes” in one sentence this is definitely not worth the effort. If you want to play online blackjack and perk the game up with a certain strategy you are better off with something other than card counting. For instance, basic strategy charts are said to increase your odds of winning greatly while playing online, and you do not have to memorize anything – just print them and keep them near while you play.

You can get to know this strategy for better understanding of blackjack in general, and its odds in particular. Plus, if you are a natural counter and can keep several things in your head without it affecting your performance, you can really benefit from this method while playing at the land based casinos.